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2. Dress in layers and manage your temperature. A big winter coat is fine, but take it off when you warm up. Addressing a room of some four hundred people in Exeter and more people watching the livestream in Penryn, who all chose to spend their evening at the event, the idea of citizens’ assemblies on climate change certainly held much promise, and was backed by the audience poll which showed that the vast majority in the room supported their formation. Throughout the event, the importance of allowing local governments more power to make environmentally friendly decisions was also stressed, with particular focus on its very local application; how this could influence the building more of better insulated homes in Exeter. There was clear expectation that governments should do more, locally as well as nationally, to act on the climate emergency, with the help and pressure from their citizens.In practical terms, there were several key areas that the panel focused on as crucial to reducing our carbon dependency.

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