And we celebrate our harvest in the autumn with our Six Foot

Swapping seeds and stories on Manitoulin Island

The merry 8th Annual Seed Swap will be held at the Debajehmujig Creation Centre canada goose outlet toronto factory in Manitowaning on Sunday, March 3. Inside, of course. This is about canada goose black friday sale people getting together, sharing not only heirloom vegetable, fruit seeds and herbs, but stories, canada goose outlet nyc as well. And the beginning of community gardens.

invite people to share and educate us about how they nurtured the seedlings, Deforge, the bright IT guy and videographer told me. is a different year, the energy seems high, and we been getting a official canada goose outlet lot of canada goose uk shop calls. This is one step on the journey of sustainability, and is helping to care canada goose outlet sale for our Earth and become self sufficient. an ignorant city girlie, I admit. explain heirloom seeds? be so tough on yourself. These are the vegetable and fruit seeds that families have nurtured for many years. For example, my father, Chris Deforge, brings little bags of different kinds of seeds he nurtured at home. When ready to be planted, he brings them over to my place and we plant them in my back yard. I find Ashley Manitowabi, the sustainable food co ordinator for Debajehmujig. Not only has he been Canada Goose sale busy hosting workshops on Manitoulin about how to harvest different kinds of seeds, I have his phone and find him in Vancouver.

Ashley cheap Canada Goose and his group of six have performed Tales of Nanabush 10 times as guests of the Talking Stick Festival. we been working on this presentation in the summer, on Manitoulin, Canada Goose online we be presenting a clown show. You know how many things Debaj does.

year, we had 50 people that happily participated. They bring seeds that they harvested the previous year. Placed in small jars or envelopes. Sometimes they just bring seeds on cheap canada goose the cob of the corn. We like to accept seeds that have canada goose outlet not been modified in any way. Natural, all the way.

lunch, created from the produce we have stored, we will make a nice hearty soup and canada goose outlet online uk bake delicious bread. The reason for coming is the importance of community, people canada goose factory outlet coming together to share the gifts of the Earth, especially on Manitoulin. Everyone is invited.

love to welcome people to attend our performances, to converge and share e what we have to offer. And our drama students, our animators, will provide short presentations which is great fun, as they improvise as they engage with people. I lucky to get bright, delightful Lynda Ann Trudeau, the general manager of Debaj. came on board with a focus on sustainability, which includes environmental, social and economic components, she says. development is the journey and sustainability is the goal. Keep in mind that the environmental component, this canada goose outlet uk sale Sunday event, also has components of a social nature. Lynda Anne grew up in Wiikwemkoong, she attended Cambrian College and studied business administration. Next to Northwood University in Midland, Mich., continuing in business administration, and on to St. Francis Xavier University at The Coady Institute in Nova Scotia to earn a certificate, canada goose outlet new york city titled Women in Leadership. love how scholared you are, Lynda Anne, I say with delight, learned that word on Manitoulin. And how glad I am you joined the team at Debaj. truly believe that cheap canada goose it is the arts that will change society and sustainability, Lynda Anne said. event on Sunday, with these heirloom seeds that seem to be over 100 years old, truly, is the beginning of spring, the start, and all summer long, we will nurture and cultivate our gardens. I say, canada goose jacket outlet our souls in summer. she said, softly. nourish our souls, our friendships, our art, and creation. And we celebrate our harvest in the autumn with our Six Foot Festival. Last year, we did the Earth to the Sky, and this year will be The Sky to The Earth. When we think about being Anishnaabe, just being human, thinking about how all the elements in our universe are connected. both quiet. Lynda Anne sitting at canada goose outlet uk the Creation Centre in Manitowaning, me at my creative desk in Manhattan. we talk, Bonnie, everything connected even on the phone. to you is a pleasure, learning more about Debaj. And your own canada goose uk black friday impressive education, Lynda Anne. Thank you for simply sharing, I say. yes, Sunday canada goose coats event. thing to leave you with today, Bonnie, is that we have a foundation of canada goose teaching based on our 18,000 year history. One message is, Strive for peace above me, peace below me. Peace within. these are seeds, as well. are welcome this Sunday, Lynda Anne says. if you don bring seedlings, come visit and have lunch with us. City Gal Bonnie keeps loving and learning more about Manitoulin, and wishes she could attend this afternoon. So, maybe you can go.