Blink twice if you can hear me

“Everyone playing the game has an understanding that no one has a helmet on, so it’s kind of a group effort to keep your head out of the contact area,” said Patriots safety Nate Ebner, a former standout on the US junior national rugby team. “As a tackler you have to use your shoulders, your body, and you can’t just dive in with your head.”Removing the helmet represents a seismic shift in how football is played, and the NFL likely won’t consider it any time soon. Ebner himself thinks it’s “crazy” to consider, and that he “couldn’t imagine football without helmets.”.

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I am not portrayed in Elizabeth Wurtzel’s “Prozac Nation.” I’ve checked the relevant passages and it’s plain to me (and to others who worked at the News at the time) that the character is based on the late Russell Smith. The misidentification is understandable: Russell and I both worked with Ms. Wurtzel, we both lived near her; as a result, we both gave her rides to and from work.

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