David Stills who was a psychology major at IC

We value your trust and for that reason we make sure that we validate our information before we present it to you. We are focused on getting it first and getting it right. We provide a national voice. This is not only our call as people of faith, but our duty as citizens of America, and it will be the purpose of the White House Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships that I’m announcing later today.The goal of this office will not be to favor one religious group over another or even religious groups over secular groups. It will simply be to work on behalf of those organizations that want to work on behalf of our communities, and to do so without blurring the line that our founders wisely drew between church and state. This work is important, because whether it’s a secular group advising families facing foreclosure or faith based groups providing job training to those who need work, few are closer to what’s happening on our streets and in our neighborhoods than these organizations.

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