Doing its best to further erase whatever pleasant

Dealerships reported 67% turnover among car sales consultants in the 2016 NADA Workforce Study. “Keeping employees is unfortunately getting more challenging,” said Adam Robinson, co founder and CEO of Hireology, a Chicago based consultancy. It’s just like the customer side of your business if you’re starting with better leads, you’ll get better results,” Robinson said.

A handful of pages on, Eileen reflects on her own situation: “It been four long months since my husband made off with the instructor from our dance class, and until this very moment I hadn missed him once.” She only misses him now because she trying to open a jar and the lid won give. Grandpa Wade, the snake, gets precious few words in this novel. It would seem that some men are such spectacular wastes of space they don even warrant writing about, a sentiment which I sure is shared by women in their hordes..

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