(Drew Angerer/Getty Images)When Emma Lazarus wrote her famous

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uk canada goose Director of the Citizenship and Immigration ServicesKen Cuccinelli reworked the words on the Statue of Liberty as he defended the Trump administrations immigration policies. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)When Emma Lazarus wrote her famous poem that inscribed on the Statue of Liberty, she was talking about an America that is “welcoming and inclusive,” says a leading historian on the poet. uk canada goose

uk canada goose outlet Not, as a Trump administration official suggested this week, a place only welcome to Europeans who canada goose online uk can “stand on their own two feet.” uk canada goose outlet

“Emma cheap canada goose womens wrote canada goose outlet reviews that poem in which she talked https://www.thebookstop.biz about the Statue of Liberty as canada goose retailers uk a mother of exiles,” Annie Polland, the executive director of the American Jewish Historical Society, toldAs It Happens guest host Nil Kksal.

Lazarus wrote The New Colossusin 1883. Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli suggested in an NPR interview that the poem should be changed to “give me your canada goose coats uk tired and your poor who can stand on their own two feet and who will not become a public charge.”

would not agree The comments came just one day after the Trump administration announced it would seek to deny green cards to migrants who seek Medicaid, food stamps, housing vouchers or other canada goose uk black friday forms of public assistance.

Cuccinelli doubled down on Wednesday, tellingCNN the poem was about “people coming from Europe where they had class based societies where people were considered wretched if they weren in the right class.”

“It a take that Emma would not agree with,” Polland said.

An engraving of Emma Lazarus, the American poet, essayist and philanthropist whose poem The New Colossus appears on The Statue of Liberty. (Bettmann Archive/Getty Images )

buy canada goose jacket Polland, whose organization runs a program called “The Emma Lazarus Project,”says Lazarus was working closely with refugees in New York City when she wrote the poem. buy canada goose jacket

A friend asked her to write it as a favour to raise money for the Statue of Liberty pedestal, Polland said.

“Emma said, you know, don write on command, she said.

“And then [the friend] said, think of the refugees you been working with. Think of the East European Jews you been working with, and that they see the statue in the harbour. And so Emma eyes lit up.”

canada goose coats on sale Annie Polland is cheap canada goose the executive director of the American Jewish Historical Society. (The American Jewish Historical Society ) canada goose coats on sale

What problematic about the current discourse over the poem for Polland is that people are making definitive statements about that it means.

“I find that troublesome because it ignores the deeper context in which it was written,” she said.”What I do think is important is for people to keep reading it, keep interpreting it.”

Through the American Jewish Historical Society, Polland has young students do just that.

She tasks students with writing their own poems about American ideals, and the problems and fixes that they see in society.

“I think that the poems the students are writing have actually been much more inspiring than some of the blanket statements or the attempts to link the poem to policy that I hearing,” she said.

canada goose The original manuscript of The New Colossus. > (The American Jewish Historical Society ) canada goose

canada goose store Polland also points out that when Lazaurus wrote the poem, she didn think every single person would agreewith her. canada goose store

Canada Goose Coats On Sale “I think she writing this poem to distinguish America from what had come before.” Canada Goose canada goose outlet Coats On Sale

Canada Goose sale Still an inspiration Even after more than a century, Polland said the poem still moves people especially when they see the original manuscript kept at the American Jewish Historical Society in New York City Canada Goose sale.