FECRI does not receive government funding

Some previously evicted residents are now sleeping on the streets or outside.Many low income Colombians who work informally have suffered during the lockdown. About a third of the country’s population lives in poverty, according to government figures.The government promised to help poor families during quarantine with welfare payments cheap jerseys nba and deliveries of supplies, but many say they have received little or no aid.The housing minister has banned evictions through June, but officials said the Altos de la Estancia houses are illegal and the area is at risk of landslides.”This is a high risk zone and we could not allow the occupation to continue for one more day,” Jaime Florez, the mayor of the Ciudad Bolivar district of Bogota, told journalists.Florez said the residents were offered new accommodation in a shelter, but people who spoke to said they fear catching COVID 19 there.The ESMAD riot police were gathered near the remaining houses on Friday.”He lost part of his skull and 20% or 30% of his forehead,” Pinto said, as his son Ysmail removed his hat to show the stitches marring his hairline. He is awaiting surgery.Bogota’s police did not respond to a request for comment.”I was in pain; my forehead was covered in blood,” said the boy, clutching a toy rabbit.

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