Friends, colleagues and family celebrated the life of Ms

Hundreds of people in Port Macquarie Hastings community gathered tofarewellone of its leading educators. Friends, colleagues and family celebrated the life of Ms Lorraine Haddon at a ceremony at Lake Innes Gardens followed by a gathering at Hastings Secondary College Port Macquarie campuson December 19. Surrounded by her family kanken, Ms Haddon passed awayon December 11 kanken, aged 65.

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kanken It is my contention that the hotsprings never legally passed FROM public ownership, in the first place. How can you have an election here without addressing the Tsimshian process? It the elephant in the living room. Are watching what you do here. “We want to change and preserve our environment for the future generation kanken, which is why we are attempting to create awareness about it in the schools especially kanken,” the 16 year oldsaid. “I think it’s important for people our age to appreciate and consider how lucky we are to live in the beautiful place we do, and how crucial it is to preserve and protect it.” Amelia and Niamh were interviewed by one of their environmental studies school teachers, Year 10 was set a challenge to make videos to raise awareness andstudents recreated a Star Wars space battle between plastic bags and marine life. Maria Doherty and Linda Perkins, who started thecampaignin the Hastings, have called on the council to take action. kanken

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