Giuffre called Maxwell “the mastermind” behind the

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cheap Canada Goose The oldest was an 84 year old woman who died in hospital of pneumonia after she was sexually assaulted by a man who allegedly broke into her room at a downtown Chinese seniors lodge.The deadliest month was February, when seven killings were recorded in 17 days, though two of the victims died in previous years and were only declared homicides this year.Two men were killed while serving sentences at the Edmonton Institution, while a third died on the floor of the Edmonton Remand Centre after allegedly being stomped on by another inmate as he slept.Two victims were shot by police; the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team ruled the shooting of 17 year old Cyrus Green was justified, while the case of Kinling Robin Fire, 38, remains under investigation.In July, detectives found themselves stretched thin as they investigated four homicides in six days.They were eventually granted a reprieve from the 19 hour days and hundreds of overtime hours, thanks to a 44 day lull in October and November.The death of 21 year old Ashneil Singh, who became the city’s 44th homicide victim, shattered that calm after police found him shot and stabbed at an abandoned farm in southwest Edmonton on Nov. 30.Four of the year’s victims were Somali Canadian men, including Jama. The deaths had several Somali Canadian community groups calling on the police to do more to solve the killings cheap Canada Goose.