Human Resources also uses personal information to counsel

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canada goose uk shop Typical data retained for each employee which might be considered sensitive are:Date of BirthLetters of ReferenceGarnishee or Court OrdersEmployment Equity DataSick Leave or Long TermSocial Insurance NumberUse of informationThere are four main users of personal information that is retained in the Human Resources Department:The Human Resources Department, which uses the information to administer the benefits plans, maintain salaries and job classifications, seniority and employment records throughout an individual’s career, and report to the appropriate government body the required statistical information on an aggregate basis. Human Resources also uses personal information to counsel managers on appropriate management actions as well as to counsel staff and faculty on their benefits, rights and privileges within the University.The department Head or designate, who uses personal information concerning employment records to help in managing and guiding an individual’s career. Information about start dates, salaries, performance ratings, job classifications, etc. canada goose uk shop

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