If I’m in a meeting with a bunch of senior executives who are

The eternal search for the perfect bag

I’ve been carrying a light brown version of Wants:

soft weathered leather. buy canada goose jacket cheap (At the same time, the highly floppy internal structure of this bag drives me a little nuts because I’ll have my laptop on one side and a clutch, keys, whatever on the other, and they are separated by a thin cotton pocket that holds bandaids, aspirin, tampax and that thin pocket is too flimsy to divide the two it’s sort of like the space is divided by a sock I threw in there or something. )

modularized space for cell, pens, security badge, keys don’t want to carry a soup of floating stuff; want to be able to reliably find my phone when it’s ringing

dark brown leather or black leather. I especially like oxblood. Dislike canada goose clearance sale light brown leather.

prefer leather but if something was another canada goose outlet black friday material would be open to it

I only ask this question every three to five years so would like something extremely durable and well made Canada Goose Parka and am not looking for ‘trendy’ as I wouldn’t recognize it if it were in front of me

Do not wants:

things that are shiny so chrome or shiny gold are out. canada goose outlet store Generally I like subdued metals

advertising, so no Canada Goose Coats On Sale prominent labels or anythingNeeds to fit: roughly 4×8 clutch containing canada goose outlet nyc credit cards, lipstick, etc.

wad of keys random personal bits

Lifestyle/demographic stuff if it matters:

I’m in my forties so cheap canada goose uk don’t want canada goose outlet to look like a college student

I’m a professional, but a liberal internetty/media professional

I don’t want to look like I’m trying to hard

I don’t official canada goose outlet want to look like canada goose outlet uk sale I’m not trying enough

I’m a little sick of the ‘mom ness’ of my current bag

I am tough on things like if I own cheap canada goose it, I will absolutely be flinging it into the back of my car. I don’t mind canada goose outlet shop a little maintenance, but I’m a wash and wear person

Still again I’d like a little bit more style than this

I think Saddleback leather is in the ball park but their canada goose factory outlet leather looks quite stiff

I’d like it to be able canada goose outlet jackets to pass as high end/formal or low canada goose outlet parka end/casual. If I’m in a meeting with a bunch of senior executives who are all wearing cufflinks, I don’t want it to look like I don’t belong there, but at canada goose the same I certainly don’t want it to read ‘out of place status symbol’ in a normal human context. I actually kind of like things that make it difficult to nail me down in terms of ‘type’, canada goose black friday sale which probably is what led me canada goose outlet in usa to the incredible canada goose outlet generic ness of the bag I’m currently carrying. I don’t know whether that makes sense.

I’m not going to say money is no object but I don’t think money is really the thing preventing me from https://www.rkliedtke.de finding my dream bag so I’ll leave it open ended.

the executives are hold on to your hats generally exclusively men.

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