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Played a smidge better, said the 16 year old, who made match play in this event two years ago but was denied in 2018 at Hanover CC. Just excited to be back in match play again. CC Russell Hamel hung tough for two straight days, making it 77 78 155, and just clicking at the final number to survive, 156, were five area players: Rob Zimmerman and Derek LeClair of Nashua CC, Dylan Lortie of Amherst CC, along with Phil Smith and John Duarte, both of GreenMeadow..

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“Our family, friends, and community are all suffering tonight,” the statement read. “We are all enduring a very painful and unimaginable loss. Our family will never be the same. StoryChelsy has been Theresa’s mentor since 2009 and the two have spent hundreds of hours together. Chelsy is always encouraging Theresa to act on behalf of others and pushing her to use her talents to achieve and succeed. When Theresa confided that she hoped to attend a prestigious high school in Harlem, Chelsy was determined to make it happen.

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