In between there will be anecdotes and acting

Tickets for the ‘birthday’ event have already sold out but with the theatre team and Sir Ian, both heavily committed to giving young people the chance to access live theatre, 125 free seats have been kept in reserve for a special lottery open to anyone aged between 18 26 years oldThe six time Laurence Olivier award winner said: “I was always intrigued by the glamour of Blackpool, its shows and Illuminations. So, I wanted to present my new solo show at the beautiful Matcham Grand Theatre, raising funds for this spectacular building.”The show starts with Gandalf and will probably end with an invitation to act with me on stage. In between there will be anecdotes and acting.””Growing up in Lancashire, I was grateful to those companies who toured beyond London and I always enjoyed repaying that debt by touring up and down the country myself, with The RSC, The National Theatre, Prospect Theatre, The Actors Company, as well as with commercial productions.”..

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