In its February 1 decision, CAS unanimously ruled there was not

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has refused to invite 13 Russian athletes and two coaches to the 2018 Winter Olympics, despite their lifetime bans being overturned earlier by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).In a statement released Monday, the IOC says its Invitation Review Panel ruled unanimously to decline requests for Olympic invitations for a list of 15 athletes and coaches submitted by the Russian Olympic Committee.The 15 were among 28 Russian athletes whose doping charges were dropped and life time Olympic bans rescinded by CAS Thursday. CAS’ “full reasoning” for the decision “had not been made public,” the IOC said.Justifying the decision to snub Russian athletes cleared by CAS, the IOC said it had considered elements and/or evidence which was not available to the Oswald Commission, but was presented to the IOC panel by WADA. This evidence includes data from the laboratory information management system (LIMS) database, traces of banned substances, evidence of steroid use and other confidential information, the IOC said in a statement.Earlier steroids, IOC chief Thomas Bach warned that the CAS ruling did not entitle Russians athletes to an invitation, receiving this invitation is a privilege of clean Russian athletes and apparently being ruled “clean” by the world’s top sports court is not enough.Russian speed skating coach Pavel Abratkevich, who has been working with Sochi silver medalist Olga Fatkulina banned from the upcoming Olympics said that he never expected the IOC would send an invitation.were perfectly aware that the IOC would not let them compete, because the same criteria were used to ban those who had no relation to the Sochi Olympics, those who were juniors at that time, he told Sputnik.In its February 1 decision, CAS unanimously ruled there was not enough evidence against the 28 Russian athletes to conclude they had committed any anti doping rule violations.

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