In these times, not only do you not want to disrupt

Going by the advice of the medical fraternity, it seems we have to live with coronavirus for some time, at least till a vaccine is invented. From now on it will be a masked life. It is true that masks have become an integral part of our routine. The mission, called Demo 2, will fly seasoned NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley in the company’s Crew Dragon spaceship. The flight’s success would effectively resurrect human spaceflight from America after nearly a decade of dormancy.But a forecast of cloudiness, rain, and isolated thunderstorms leaves only a 40% chance that the spacecraft will be able to safely launch on Wednesday, according to the space wing of the US Air Force.If the rain makes launch untenable, SpaceX and NASA will fall to their backup date: Saturday, May 30.”You could trigger lightning,” Tim Garner, a meteorologist in charge at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, said on a NASA podcast in 2017. “[A rocket’s] mere presence in a high electric field will be that thing that sets off the lightning strike.”That happened to the Apollo 12 mission twice in 1969.

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