Is the Congress doomed to extinction?Despite its repeated

Whoever it is that attacking Mastercard and Paypal are anonymous. They could be teenagers (that’s what we hope) but they could also be professionals working for foreign governments, or even the US government. State Department cables. Yeah. And they can do it without being aware. And it a definite issue.

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Hermes Replica When reading comments today, ask several questions about each post.Whose interests does this post serve? Republicans? Democrats? Russians? Saudi Arabians? Brexit Supporters? The EU? Who has Wiki leaks and Assange crossed over his recent time in the spotlight?What are varying groups incentives to push a narrative surrounding Assange? To make him a look at here martyr and get more whistleblowers to reveal government mistakes? To punish a whistleblower and make an example of him? To sew discord between governments and their population with stories about his treatment?Is the post putting forth one of the narratives/ specific insults? There seems to be a going narrative of him being a “Dirty hobo” which has lots of social connotations and damns him in a separate way from his political actions. Are they pushing him as someone who supported Trump and hacked the DNC (always citing 2016)? Or are they referencing him as a saint who stands up against the banks (citing 2008 11)? Or are they citing him as a Russian aligned whistleblower who helped Trump win the election?Are they trying to de rail specific discussions pertaining to uncomfortable subjects? What about ism at its finest. Reference Avenatti, or some other political event to distract and anger the public? Name drop some other person to misdirect people? Steer conversation away from hard, complex topics such as the panama papers?What political propaganda media machines are operating right now, and what are their talking points? Russian troll farms? Koch brother owned right wing “Think tanks” such as the American Enterprise Insititute and the American Petrolium Institute? George Soros and any of his activity?critical of everything you read today, because everyone has interest in steering public opinion today and we can see the culmination of years worth of work to use Assange to force agendas/narratives. Hermes Replica

replica hermes belt uk But it is also the reason so many people have such deep seated resentment towards the party.My own view is that the party may not be able to dump the family entirely, but it could move to a new operating model in which the family takes a ‘chairmanship’ role while day to day affairs are handled by a new CEO.Is the Congress doomed to extinction?Despite its repeated foibles, there is still no other pan Indian Opposition party.In that sense, the Congress is not doomed to extinction.But it showed very little capacity for introspection after 2014. It had its head in the sand for years after that humbling defeat.Will it face up to its weaknesses after the 2019 debacle? Most analysts are not holding their breath. But if it is able to rededicate itself to building powerful state organisations with charismatic, independent power centres that are not simply sycophants to the dynasty, then we might see some progress.Do you think the BJP dominance will last as long as the Congress dominance once did?This is impossible to say replica hermes belt uk.