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Hospitals can be very depressing, thus multi colored and a variety of printed uniforms help create a cheery atmosphere. There are some hospitals that assign specific color codes to different departments in the hospitals. This color code is assigned in order to distinguish between the staff of different departments in a hospital..

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This isn any kind of problem, by the way. Personally, I love how short stories hint at things, alluding rather than explicitly describing, and leave a significant space for the reader to step into the piece and flesh it out and imagine possible futures. In other words, we co write the story to some extent..

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They may have just not turned out the way you expected them to or their lifestyle may not be one you support or approve of. Neither one of these things can be changed or fixed, you should just accept them for who they are, but make sure they know how you feel and that may keep the disappointments to a minimum. When it comes to your parents the same may apply, they may not have always been there, they may push you to do and be someone you don’t want to be..

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