It offers guided excursions, canoeing, kayaking, salmon

Regular readers might ask: Why not use the Pinocchio scale for videos? We saw a need for videos to have a separate verification system to complement Pinocchios. Video fact checks need the same quality and standards of text fact checks but, more importantly, we need a way to classify these videos and determine the severity of manipulation. This is in line with how The Fact Checker has been contextualizing politicians’ statements but is adapted to the video space..

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buy canada goose jacket FAO adds that the country farmers face challenges such as include poor infrastructure and flooding, which can wipe out harvests and seed stocks.In a document titled Plan for Agricultural Sector Development (PSDSA) 2025 and National Plan for Agricultural Investments and Food Security and Nutrition (PNIASAN) 2017 2021 the Benin government has admitted that the agriculture sector revenues and productivity are low, and the labour force is only partially rewarded, making agricultural products less have very little use of improved inputs and engage in mining practices that accentuate the degradation of natural resources, the document states.can do better than this,” Marthe Dossou, a small scale farmer supervising the offloading of thousands of boxes of red tomatoes from a rundown truck, tells IPS. These tomatoes will be exported to Nigeria but Dossou feels that considering the high quality of the harvest, Benin can produce more for export. “If we can be given a helping hand like more resources, including loans, new farming methods and how to master water control techniques,” she says.Dr Tamo Manuele, the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) Benin country representative, tells IPS that agricultural innovation “is key to eradicating poverty, hunger and malnutrition, mainly in rural areas where most of the world’s poorest live.””Innovation can, first of all, increase small scale farmers’ productivity and income, and secondly diversify farmers’ income through value chain development; and lastly create more and better opportunities for the rural poor,” he says.or at least actors in agricultural value chains need support for conservation and processing of agricultural commodities buy canada goose jacket.