It was also at that time that I experienced burnout

India Needs To Fire More Bullets Now, Aim LaterAndy Mukherjee BloombergThursday, May 14, 2020How big is India’s anti viral package, and how effective will it be?Takeaways From Modi’s Speech (He Knows Not To Waste A Crisis)Krishan Partap SinghWednesday, May 13, 2020Like any shrewd leader, the Prime Minister knows not to waste a crisis. So last night, he rolled out reforms in their umpteenth avatar, without revealing any detail whatsoever. After Make in India, Stand up India, Skilled India, Start up India, and no doubt a few others that are beyond my powers of recall, we now have the classic Self Reliant India.Atypically Lacklustre Speech By Modi, Headlines But No DetailsSwati ChaturvediWednesday, May 13, 2020Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his fifth address to India during the Coronavirus pandemic delivered two big headlines and both are TBD or To Be Delivered.The Deepening Mistrust Between New Delhi And 28 StatesAndy Mukherjee BloombergWednesday, May 13, 2020The gradual reopening of India’s economy after a 43 day coronavirus lockdown has been marred by a hyper centralization of decision making.

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