Jazz is what takes my heart away when I’m singing; It’s where

Q with Kayla Pecchioni of

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The touring Broadway production of “The Book of Mormon” lands at Robinson Performance Hall Feb. 12 17. Ahead of that run, we caught up with actor/singer/dancer Kayla Pecchioni, who plays Nabulungi.

Have you done comedy wholesale handbags china prior to “The Book of Mormon?” What we hear from actors over and over again is that it’s not necessarily drama, but comedy, that’s the most difficult to put on stage. replica hermes himalayan bag Is it important to you to keep that comedy muscle in shape?

high quality Replica Hermes You know, I don’t really have much experience with comedy. A couple of shows I did in college you could consider funny, but nothing on this level. So stepping into this role was really something new. I attribute hermes replica briefcase it to our writing, our cast I mean, everyone is just really on board with what we’re trying to project that it was so easy to step in and figure it out. Usually, comedy is hard, but aaa replica birkin bag this show is really great at selling itself. high quality Replica Hermes

hermes birkin bag replica cheap Has there been anything that surprised you about working in the comedic land of Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Robert Lopez? hermes birkin bag replica cheap

I would say what surprised me, honestly, about stepping into the show, was getting used to the language that we have to say. I’m not really an uptight person at all, but the show is just so out there, and wacky. But then, their humor is just brilliant, so we’re learning something from them every single day.

I was poking around and was delighted to read that you work through this program called “Broadway Bodies,” and that you call the folks you work with “shame free superstars.” Can you talk a little bit about what you do there, any maybe how those ideas come into your work more broadly?

best hermes replica Oh, my God, absolutely. When I’m not on tour, I work with a company called Broadway Bodies. They’re really big on body positivity, and on bringing in dancers that aren’t necessarily “trained,” if people want to come in and express themselves in a shame free, judgment free kind of zone. I love that, because even though I grew up technically trained in dance, I never really felt like I had the right body, or that I looked like everyone else. And that’s just growing up wholesale handbags suppliers in Kentucky. And being black in Kentucky. So, going to New York and finding this community was revolutionary for me, and meeting a bunch of people who had kind of gone through the same mental troubles I’d gone through. I definitely had some kind of body dysmorphia, I would say, coming into New York and being in this business. I just found a whole community of people who were like, “You know what? That doesn’t matter. Let’s just dance and have fun.” Through that, I became a teacher there, and it’s just really been a beautiful experience. best hermes replica

Fake Hermes Bags You are also a phenomenal singer, and because of the nature of your work you’ve done “Dreamgirls” and a lot of classic and widely loved material: “My Heart Belongs to Daddy,” “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.” When you’re tasked with singing those iconic songs, are you trying to be loyal to the melody or are you reinventing? Fake Hermes Bags

Ooh! Well, I guess my goal is to try and be loyal to whoever came before me. I look up those Hermes replica Evelyne singers Carole King, Ella Fitzgerald. They’re idols of mine. Too, I don’t find that I’m one of those singers who has one of those fanciful, riff up and down kind of voices, hermes belt replica so I really just love to stay classic. Jazz is what takes my heart away when I’m singing; It’s where I love to sit, naturally.

perfect hermes replica I know you listen to podcasts when you’re on the road. Any you’re into right now? perfect hermes replica

Uh, so many. hermes bracelet replica So, so many. I love this podcast it sounds horrifying, but it’s really a why not try here comedy podcast replica birkin bag called “My Favorite Murder.” It’s my favorite podcast Discover More Here on the planet. Aside from that, I really have a guilty pleasure around “The Bachelor.” So I listen to a lot of ‘Bachelor’ podcasts. It’s my fantasy football league.