Leprosy came to embody what was socially prescribed as

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uk canada goose outlet Excerpts of the interview follow:Inter Press Service (IPS): What is the link between human rightsviolation and the leprosy affected people?Alice Cruz (AC): Throughout history leprosy has become much more than a disease: it became a label, mainly used to exclude. Leprosy came to embody what was socially prescribed as shameful and disrupting. It became a symbol, a powerful metaphor, for everything that should be kept apart, whether it was attributed to punishment for sinful conduct, unregulated behaviour,past offences and socially constructed ideas of racial inferiority, among others harmful myths and stereotypes, which led to massive human rights violations of persons affected by leprosy, but also their family members.IPS: Can you describe some of the ways the rights of leprosy affected people are violated?AC: Women, men and children affected by leprosy were, and continue to be in many contexts, denied not only their dignity, but also an acknowledgement of their humanity. uk canada goose outlet

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