Local residents pray for the victims at the site

“This is a tragedy that should not happen and cannot happen again, said Miami Police Chief Jorge Colina. “We had two young people lose their lives needlessly. We are successful at improving storage practices amongst gun owners, we could drastically reduce the amount of shootings and injuries that our juveniles sustain, M DCPS Police Chief Edwin Lopez said..

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wholesale nba jerseys At present, everybody is burnt out on any impulse. He invests his energy with versatile or family in the wake of working an entire day. Furthermore, he is perusing new amusing. Follow CNNNHK reported earlier Tuesday that three people including an elementary school student were in critical condition. It’s unclear if the girl who died was among them.At a Tuesday press conference, Saito said that the school will remain closed until Friday and that the children had not been told about the death of their classmates yet.The school will boost security with additional security guards and will increase the number of counselors who can provide students and parents with psychological support, he added.Japan is considered one of the world’s safest developed countries. It boasts one of the world’s lowest homicide rates, according to the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime.Several residents in the area said they were shocked that such an attack could take place in what is usually a quiet town.Local residents pray for the victims at the site where the stabbing occured on Tuesday night.Kosuzu Sunayama, 26, who lives https://www.nbajerseyoutlet.com near to where the stabbings took place, said she could hear the screams from her home.”It’s not the kind of place to have such (an) incident. wholesale nba jerseys

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