Most motherboards these days support DDR SDRAM (Double Data

Getting Started

So you read through the pros and cons of building your own PC, uk canada goose and you decided to go for it. Good for you. Welcome to the club. Your first step is to make a shopping goose outlet canada list of parts you need to build your dream rig. With that said, our next step is to help you put that list together. Here what you need:

Case: You need one of these to house the new rig. Think of official canada goose outlet this as the exoskeleton of your PC. The only problem is that this shell doesn so you have to buy the right size going in. Cases basically come in canadian goose jacket three sizes; Micro ATX, mid tower, and full, or server sized tower. Micro ATX cases are very small, and lack room for much upgrading. Mid towers are the most common size case in the DIY community. They offer plenty of room for upgrades, and aren so heavy that you can haul them off to the nearest LAN party. Full towers are canada goose jacket outlet for the hardcore. They big. If you need room for a large number of drives, then these are for you. Just don expect to be moving them around often. If not, get a good one, because generic power supplies can often be the cause of strange glitches and crashes. Most things talk through your CPU. Depending on your needs, you may be able to cut corners here. The first thing to decide is whether to go AMD or Intel. And canada goose outlet uk lucky you, with those two brawling for market dominance, prices have fallen and it easy to get a good CPU at a low price from either vendor. This is often a religious argument if you just getting started, either vendor will probably work just fine. The next thing you need to determine is how canada goose outlet black friday fast. We typically recommend that you buy 1 or 2 speed grades below the fastest available. At press time, canada goose black friday sale Intel fastest was the 2.8 Ghz but it cost over $400. However, the 2.53GHz P4 was Canada Goose sale just over $230 an amazing savings for not a lot less speed. Similar price changes happen on AMD Athlon side. We got benchmarks and other details in our CPU section.

Motherboard: Once you have a CPU selected, now you can pick a motherboard. Along with the case, this canada goose outlet parka component will limit your future upgradability. If the case is the exoskeleton, then the motherboard is the circulatory system. Your motherboard connects up all of the individual components and turns them into a working PC. Generally, you want a high end motherboard, because it will last longer. Do not cut corners when buying your motherboard. You WILL regret it. If you spend $50 or less on your motherboard, you be the proud owner of a low canada goose clearance sale end machine in a year, and you be looking to upgrade again. If you need to save money, save it in other areas. In addition, motherboards work with certain types of processors within a company family, so look for one that supports your specific Intel or AMD CPU. A CPU with a 266MHZ Front Side Bus (FSB) wont work in a motherboard with a 100MHZ FSB. Fortunately, Motherboards have become very user friendly these days, and it will usually say on the box AMD Duron and Athalon XP processors from 1300 MHZ 2000MHZ Or something to that effect. We canada goose outlet online got two excellent SuperGuides, one for AMD based motherboards, and the other for Intel P4 ones, with reviews and details about which is right for you. Check them out canada goose outlet sale before you buy.

Memory: Memory, or RAM (Random Access Memory) is essentially the Canada Goose Online brains of your computer. The computer uses RAM to store program code that it opened, and is working on. RAM comes in many different types, and is also dictated by the motherboard you choose. Most motherboards these days support DDR SDRAM (Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic RAM ). canada goose outlet shop But RAM pretty cheap, and can really affect performance, so think twice.

Some Intel motherboards only support Rambus, aka RDRAM, which is a proprietary form of RAM. If you thinking of building an Intel based PC, you may want to familiarize yourself with RDRAM. Newer Pentium 4 motherboards now support SDRAM, so you probably don need to worry. We got an excellent article on choosing the right RAM, make sure you read it before you buy.

Hard Disk Drive: Every computer needs canada goose outlet jackets a place to store its stuff, so enter, the hard drive also known today by the fancier name, This is your computer closet, where everything, from applications to files and operating systems is stored. Hard drives these days are fairly inexpensive, and can hold a lot of data. Depending on your needs, there a HDD out there to suit them. Mostly storing data? A 5400 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute, just like on your car) drive will do. These hard drives are typically low cost, and have larger storage capacity than their 7200 RPM counterparts. As for 7200 RPM drives, these are used when you need information quickly. If you play a lot of games, then you might want to canada goose outlet pick up a canada goose coats 7200 RPM HDD. A 40 cheap canada goose gigabyte drive offers a nice combination of price and performance. These come in PCI and AGP versions, although most modern motherboards have AGP slots special graphics only slots. Best to get an AGP card, you get better performance. Want to know the difference? PCI slots are white, and there should be four or more on the board. AGP slots are brown, and should be situated next to the PCI slots. Based on your needs, sound cards can be really inexpensive, or a pretty good shot to the wallet. Ranging in price from $20 or so for the low end stuff, to $200+ for the high quality cards. Our pick today: Creative Audigy. This provides your system with an Ethernet port, which you need to hook your PC up to a home network, or broadband or cable modem based internet access. The good news is that most modern motherboards have an Ethernet port built in. The most common type of modem these days is a 56k modem. This is the device that reads CD A good one will cost you about $30 or so. CD RW, or CD burners, Canada Goose Jackets are also available, though, at about twice the cost we recommend these over standard CDs, because they add flexibility. DVD R drives, which read DVDs, are somewhat more expensive, but can let you watch movies at your PC. Some even include CD burning capability as well. DVD canada goose outlet canada burners have recently hit the market, but retail for much more. If you got the extra cash to throw around, those may interest you. There also the chance that you may need to use a boot disk, at some point to start your system. Boot disks contain the files necessary to start up a PC that has no OS on the hard drive.