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Addition to supporting veterans when they are on active duty, we are doing our part in New Jersey to help them when they come home, said Lieutenant Governor Sheila Y. Oliver, Commissioner of the Department of Community Affairs and Chair of the NJHMFA board. New apartment complex is part of a statewide effort to provide veterans access to affordable, safe, and decent housing and there is no better way to show support than offering them a place to call home.

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People these days seem to be so down on passionate, smart, individualistic negativity! And going “over the top” in a rant is fun if you’ve never tried it! I am far more troubled by the widespread disapproval for trolls than by the odd troll’s disapproval. I wish I could say that I understood you and your response more fully, mepain. The truth is, I’m not sure where you’re coming from, or how you choose what to pay attention to.

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I also used to hate myself when I was a Christian. I saw myself as sick, someone who needed a cure, and I honestly believed that I would wake up straight one day and things would change. Fortunately, I saw the light, and I was saved by reason and science.

The racist cartoons display actual attitudes from the time. A statue doesn’t teach you anything about an event. It says “this person was important enough to now have their likeness prominently displayed.” And how do you think knowing that these people are being immortalized feels to the descendants of those that confederates fought to keep enslaved?.

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