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“You, Nationals fans, made me one of your own for the entire time I was part of the Nationals organization,” he wrote. “I’m so blessed to have been able to play for a fan base that cared so much about our team each and every night. You will always hold a special place in my heart no matter what..

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From its inception, The Late Late has had its own share of scandal. In 1966 Playboy executive Victor Lownes had his appearance cancelled after telling the press he was hoping to recruit Irish women as ‘bunnies’ for the brand. This was followed by the ‘Bishop and the Nightie’ episode, which has since descended into TV folk lore.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced a gradual lifting of the countrywide lockdown from the coming week. The announcement followed a high level meeting in Islamabad on May 7 to review the impact of Covid 19 on the country’s already weak economy. The PM’s emphasis was mainly on providing benefits to small traders and daily wage workers suffering economic losses due to the preventive lockdown.

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