On the game day right after I got home from school

Its operations lack the technological support that a contemporary research and publishing facility should have. Its inconvenient suburban location away from the Parisian educational institutions and Diasporan Ukrainian centers makes it difficult to attract new membership, and lectures are rarely if ever held there any more. The bright sunshine outside on this autumn day did little to cheer the dimly lit room where Ms.

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I decided to clean my kitchen windows so that I could have breakfast whilst watching my feisty friends. I spent a good three hours in the kitchen and was totally absorbed and delighted with the chirruping, whirring and body slamming of these incredible tiny birds as they rose up and up and swooped, circling, stopping in midair, dodging one another around leaves and branches, and zooming in to perch warily at the feeder and lick, lick, lick as fast as they could before they were chased away by another. On and on the aerial dancing went.

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