Police found the claim baseless

He killed the whole baboon family and you’ve got little junior laying there in mom’s lap. You just don’t do that. I hate wolves as much as anyone, but I’m not going to take a wolf family and put it on display and show the baby wolf.”. Curmudgeonly school marm Ethel Orocuru (Shimosato Carreiro) may be the Bernie Sanders stand in, but she’s also the joyless social studies teacher we all hated. Upon seeing the character fight the system that’s hemming her in on all sides, it’s hard not to feel a twinge of remorse upon realizing just how progressive the mission of public education is, and how hapless its proponents have been, fending off corporate stooges while trying to make ungrateful teens into good citizens. Meanwhile, the path from tech savvy innovation to the undermining of democracy is presented as startlingly slippery..

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