Seeing him display himself as the Worst Nightmare however

The Democrats’ worst nightmare

canada goose clearance John McCain is billing himself as Democrats worst nightmare. has a new web ad that claims the Democratic candidates for president are afraid to face him in the general election. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose sale During this week Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards used McCain name 15 times. McCain says this is because the Democrats are concerned that he is the only candidate who can rally the conservative Reagan Coalition while appealing to independent voters. ensuring a Republican victory in November. The ad will appear on the web sites of several Florida newspapers. Canada Goose sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap But, in a nation that already so divided. it seems like McCain could be going out of his way to alienate a lot of people. After all, it was independents in the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries who helped him win. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Also, it worth pointing out that Rudy Giuliani aired a radio ad in Iowa back in September calling himself the liberals nightmare. Not anymore.

Here’s my question to you: Is it a good strategy for any candidate to present himself as the other party nightmare in an already divided country?

Interested to know which ones made it on air?

McCain isn really sounding like someone who can cross the aisle. But then why would he? His party, in general, is more about sticking together than doing much of anything for the American people. There is only one Republican candidate that will represent the American public and the news media has pretty much put him on blackout status. And you all know who I talking about.

I think that McCain is making a huge mistake here. I am a blue bleeding Democrat, yet I have been more passionate and excited in seeing John McCain rise from the ashes. Seeing him display himself as the Worst Nightmare however, makes me afraid that he just might be another soldier in a partisan battle, and not someone who can actually unite the country.

The nightmare candidate, be it McCain or Clinton, is indeed the one that will divide us even more than we have become these past 15 years. This is exactly why we need a new voice, willing to recognize that we can reach across party lines instead of digging in deeper. Enough already GO OBAMA.

canada goose uk black friday McCain, the Democrats worst nightmare? Are you kidding? Our worst nightmare was George W. Bush. Getting an honorable, honest man like McCain after 8 years of Bush is a dream, not a nightmare. canada goose uk black friday

canada goose store I wonder if Mr. McCain is staying on Elm Street this week and taking advice from Freddie. Although it is my belief that if the person who is using her husband to play typical canada goose outlet vip filthy politics gets the nomination, then McCain will win in the end as the American people will eventually wake up to reality. canada goose store

I think we had enough of in this country, and even to use canada goose outlet reviews that language as a candidate is deliberately divisive. We simply can not afford to continue to drive a wedge down the middle of the country, because that exactly where the greatest number of people live, metaphorically and politically speaking.

It is important for a Republican, preferably John McCain but any Republican will do, to win this year. It sends a vital message to the Al Qaidas of the world that we will not tuck tail and run. nightmare, to me, means candidate who most likely to beat the living daylights out of whatever Democrat gets the nomination, and take Congress back with the coattail effect.

canada goose uk outlet Americans are starting to realize that we have won the war in Iraq, that we had one of the lowest casualty rates in our nation military history, and that most of all, Al Qaida made it their or break battle and it broke them. Democrats have been wrong about this war from the word they have been the ones seeking to polarize and divide this country ever since Clinton, Carville, Begala and Brazile went to Washington, and they richly deserve to have their worst nightmare. canada goose uk outlet

Jack Its not a good idea we have to bring the two parties together to work on issues not have them divided trying to stop every idea the canada goose outlet other party has. We need one UNITED states of America not divided states of america. Who do these people think they are fighting so much that nothing gets done and not caring for the people who elected them all they are doing is fighting and taking all their hostilities out on the American people. We need someone who will unite the two parties and make washington run like its suposed to not make it a civil war in the white house.

cheap canada goose uk The country isnb that divided and be honest you are not going to be able to bring everyone together. If the party gets a few dings and dents oh well, there have been greater disasters. You have to be strong to run America, party or not. You have to stand up after a punch and keep going. That is what experience does for you. There are a few candiates that have that experience. Be honest I am surprised that no one has brought up the I didnt know what I was voting on thing. But give it a few days and it will come out. canada goose jacket uk mens Thats not dividing, thats facts and if facts divide, America is worse off then I thought. cheap canada goose uk

If a candidate can present himself or herself as the candidate, then I think that they have a good shot because then the other party has to sort through which candidate would do best in a one on one cheap canada goose mens match up. Of course, this canada goose black friday 80 off strategy only works when there not that someone else preaching unity and change over experience and political games. But who to say that inexperience is good? It also helps this candidate if he or she has a former president attacking that opponent inexperience. This is all a hypothetical situation of course. I don really think it could happen. By the way, can anyone tell me who these Clinton and Obama people are? And who Bill Clinton? Is he like a former president or something? Gotta check on that.

It certainly hasn been an effective strategy thus far, but perhaps it could be. I support John Edwards because every Neo Con I know personally is terrified of him. I distrust Clinton because they all want her to run so bad, and to a lesser degree the same is true of Obama. Many rightists I observed are very cogniscant of how how the lefties view their candidates. Perhaps the biggest blow Huckabee campaign has taken are the accusations that he is I think some people actually get rather lost and out of touch with reality when not only analyzing candidates, but analyzing how other people analyze candidates. Sometimes you just need to trust your gut.

Canada Goose online If some one said to me they are going to be my worst nightmare when they get elected. I would immediately assume that we would have a hard time working together and getting things done. But in today politics as in one past, politicians like to use tough phrases like worst nightmare or go ahead and make my day. As Ronald Reagan did quoting Clint Eastwood in his Dirty Harry movies. Dirty Harry did not have any special interest groups telling him how to do his job in the movies. If he did, he would have pulled out that famous gun of his, and said, better get out of here punk and leave me do my job. And we all know there isn a Dirty Harry in any of them. Canada Goose online

No, it a nail in a political coffin. Fred Thompson took the SC Primary from Mike Huckabee and gave it to his friend John McCain. While the list of candidates is shrinking, it important to realize that as a nation, we have not elected a President who held a seat in the Senate since JFK. I canada goose outlet hope and pray that Florida gets it right!

Mike Huckabee is the only candidate that has a realistic chance in the General Election which is why the Democratic candidates don acknowledge him. Mike Huckabee inherited a fiscal nightmare in Arkansas; the infrastructure was on the verge of collapse and brought the states educational system from 49th to 8th during his tenure. He cut taxes and lowered the deficit while balancing the budget, how can anyone say that he not a fiscal conservative? Being the former Governor of Arkansas, like Bill Clinton, could have ill effects for the former President and First Lady, canada goose on sale for black friday Hillary.

Let us not forget, my lips, no new taxes after which was that largest tax increase in history which McCain supported. The American people have to realize that in order to recover from the last 7 years that sacrifice will be mandatory. The difference will be that Mike Huckabee will be honest and straight forward with the American people, which is what we expect from our President. He is able to work with both Democrats and Republicans to put together legislative compromises. This is why Conservative Republicans dislike McCain because they feel he has sold them out to the Democrats with various compromises that he negotiated.

On the other hand, as far left as Hillary and Obama both are. McCain has the best chance of getting the vote of the Independents and Moderates in the general election along with carrying the Republican vote.

If the Republicans will McCain the nomination, he be the next President.

In all honesty, that is a phrase that i would never want to say until i knew that i was the leading candidate who actually has influence with the democratic party voters. To say it this early in the game when you actually have someone who ahead of you in delegates (Mitt Romney) can be a foolish mistake. In my mind, he is not even close to the democrats worst nightmare. The worst nightmare for democrats would probably be Ron Paul. He has the message that calls for a change in america, and his get out of Iraq message will provide some votes from some democrats who are sick of the war. Besides most of the Democratic leaders who are running for president wouldn pull their troops out of iraq until 2013. I just don want to see the United States of America fail the people like it has for the last 22 years.