She provided staff a forum to share ideas and

The department had been eerily quiet after beds were vacated and the workflow was overhauled to make room for a possible surge in COVID 19 cases, O’Donnell said. Provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry recently announced the province has been able to control the spread of the virus, but the caseload was still growing when the patient arrived..

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Greg Jennings, per usual, was the main man in Rodger’s arsenal. He caught a team highseven passes for 147 yards, 79 coming on a TD hookup on the first drive of the third quarter. After the game Jennings was quoted as saying “We expect nothing less”.

Two Berkeley artists have teamed up to offertheir take on Bay Area gentrification and displacement. And they are doing sothrough a horror sci fi film called 2037. The movie takes place in the not so distant future, and shows what life in the Bay Area couldbe like after it’s fully gentrified and many of its residents have beendisplaced..

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