Still trapped at 2 megapixels

The first commercial internet service provider (ISP) was CompuServe, using dial up connections through the mid 1990 Universities in North Carolina created an earlier bulletin board in 1979. In AOL service opened, offering a bit more flexibility of internet connection and social media to the public. An engineer by the name of Tim Berners Lee, from Britain, began working on the world wide web at CERN.

In our daily lives, microwaving is something that we do so very frequently. We microwave all sorts of things, from bacon to rice and so much more. However, we hardly look at the hazardous effects we can land ourselves into; a practice that can drop us into such trouble is microwaving plastics.

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This Toronto duo only ever found success with this catchy number, taken from their 1999 third album ‘You Can’t Stop the Bum Rush’. It’s based on a sample from Andrea True Connection’s 1976 song ‘More, More, More’, while the structure was inspired by The Human League’s ‘Don’t You Want Me’. The Song was nominated for Best Single at the Juno Awards.

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