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My training partner, Lisa, and I were going long that day, and we didn’t think we needed a map. Hour four ticked over, and the temperature was nearly 100 degrees. We’d run out of food and were deep in the Alexander Valley, far from just about anything except for back roads leading to Lake Sonoma.

David Wolff preserved the grove while the rest of Westway Park developed around it over the next 30 years. In 2004, he permanently set aside the land including the trees as a nature reserve and dedicated this park to his mother, Carolyn H. Wolff, who had imparted to him at an early age an appreciation for nature..

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I enjoyed seeing the Brooklyn Museum Frida Kahlo: Appearances Can Be Deceiving, but as regular readers of this blog know, it always all about the art for me. And while there were plenty of excellent photographs, costumes and MesoAmerican artifact on view there, the exhibit was about Frida about her art. Dobrzynski.

“Maybe the restrictions should be more about county, area code, region and maybe not statewide,” he said. “I did hear him in one of his earlier comments say he was going to take care of the state of Virginia from Richmond to Roanoke. And I would like for him to know that the state comes for another 150 miles past that.”.

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