The desktop publishing “powerhouse” as described by marketing

However, Design Print 6.0 is not one of Amazon’s top selling pieces of software, was marketed beginning in 2007, and as of February 2010 has no customer reviews. This appears to be a good financial value with plenty of options, including the ability for its users Discover More to design postcards, greeting cards, labels, envelopes, newsletters, and letterhead. The desktop publishing “powerhouse” as described by marketing materials as well as user reviews is also one of the best selling software products on Amazon.The program can not only design pamphlets, but also a host of other products such as posters and multi chapter books.One drawback is that the list price of nearly $100 as of February 2010 may not be a great bargain to some graphic designers; consider choosing Amazon which will often save you about half of the list price.

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