The secret lies within yourself; within your mind as

To create that shape of shot, and thereby hit the perfect tee shot that you desire, you also need to understand how the clubface impacts upon the ball, and how spin is created. The secret lies within yourself; within your mind as well as the physical and mechanical abilities of your body. A lot of golfers overlook the input of their mental processes when they play golf.

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We know that’s going to be a different team in Cincinnati than it was last year, that’s for sure. Very important for us to start fast, that’s why we’re hitting it hard right now. The second is a Monday night home game in Week 14 against the Ravens. Sometimes this extreme satire feels rather on the nose, but it’s also a powerfully provocative exploration of the way society forces people to comply, marginalising anyone who refuses to join the status quo. And Lanthimos is gifted at using comedy and emotion to deepen the characters and themes, digging beneath the surface while telling a story that’s simply impossible to predict. So in the end, we’re almost taken aback at the way all of this has wormed its way under our skin, revealing things about ourselves we thought we had suppressed.

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