They employ two quarterbacks: sophomore Raymond

Style: While it is not absolutely critical, if you know the style of your house, including that fact can be helpful. Some people may love a ranch style house but may not be charmed by a Cape Cod. By providing this little bit of information, you help your potential viewers imagine what your house layout may be and if it meets their needs.

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Next week will feature two schools from the Cascades Conference, depending on what the readers decide. As of Tuesday evening, Napoleon and East Jackson are leading the pack, but fans of Hanover Horton, Manchester, Vandercook Lake and Addison still have time to get their schools involved. Friday with the top two schools earning a spot in our historical project..

“I don’t think he ever had a perfect life. I think Cullen Bohannon had a beautiful family, but he’s one of these guys who couldn’t stop looking over his shoulder. Cullen Bohannon’s dirty little secret is that he’s ambitious. This task took a lot of problem solving. I had to identify the main issues, and set priorities based on their importance. This had to be done before starting to work on the actual improvement.

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