This statistic is more remarkable if we remember

Peters’ unique talent and personality have been evident since he arrived in Baltimore. In his first Ravens game, a Week 7 win over the Seattle Seahawks for which he had only days to prepare, he picked off a second quarter pass from Russell Wilson, the Pro Bowl quarterback’s first interception all season, and returned it 67 yards for a go ahead score. He said after the game that he’d recognized the pass concept from a Rams game two weeks earlier and knew where Wilson might go with the ball..

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And finally, can we do something really to give back to our communities that are so much in need? I think those things we really hit.What was important to do in order to make the teams comfortable with the format?The most significant thing is, everybody is doing the same thing. It’s not like one team is going to be in their facility, and another team has got to sit and go through all this other stuff. We put redundancy behind their communications.

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The Buccaneers surrendered two first round draft picks to acquire Johnson from New York in 2000 to improve an anemic passing attack. Johnson was the highest paid receiver in the NFL and in return, the Bucs passing offense went from bad to mediocre and they averaged a 15th place finish in scoring offense during Johnson’s tenure. His best year was 2001, when he ranked fourth in receptions and seventh in yards, but only hauled in one touchdown.

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