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Canada Goose sale CEO Lai, an investor in the company, has extensive experience in senior management roles in the Australian Government, leading a single information environment initiative for the Australian Department of Defence and spearheading enterprise change at the national Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.CTO Talbot, also an archTIS investor, is a computer security systems specialist who founded the company in 2006. He spent 20 years with Australian Defence Force and 20 more years with organisations such as the Australian Federal Police, Airservices Australia corporation, CA Technologies and Hitachi Vantara Australia Pty Limited.Chairman and former Labor Party federal politician Smith is a University of Western Australia international law professor and former Member for Perth who had a 20 year career in politics.The key asset is the Kojensi Gov information sharing platform.A cloud version of the system has been beta tested at a number of organisations, including the Australian Commonwealth Attorney General’s Department (AGD) and the Australian Government’s Aged Care Royal Commission.It was built on top of a solution used inside the nation’s Defence Department.archTIS has previously shared its plans to host Kojensi Gov on its partner Vault System’s Australian Signals Directorate certified cloud platform for government clients.Kojensi Gov allows for communication and collaboration between select personnel in an agency, or across agencies. System users can be granted differential access to different versions of a document in line with their respective security clearances.Clearance can also be site and device specific, showing less information in insecure environments such as external sites like a Qantas lounge or while in insecure environments such as on open WiFi networks.Collaborators using the system can share documents, comment on them and work simultaneously as they focus on being productive while keeping security in mind.Kojensi Gov’s unique security model enables government agencies to share and collaborate on their information while meeting regulatory, security and sovereign compliance requirements.The system enables productivity while ensuring a trusted environment that takes into account the security context.Last month, the company revealed that the Australian Signals Directorate Registered Assessor had completed an International Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) assessment of Kojensi Gov to assure government the system met the necessary security controls to protect information at a “protected” level.archTIS’ strategic partner Vault has the backing of a number of high profile former secretaries to government who have sat on the private company’s board since November 2017.These include its chairwoman, former finance and health secretary Jane Halton and non executive director, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) former secretary Dennis Richardson, who was previously security director general at the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and an Australian ambassador to the US in the years following the 9/11 report.archTIS has its origins in Australia’s national government response to the 9/11 attacks in the US and the challenges highlighted in the US Senate’s National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States’ final 9/11 Commission Report.Vault is backed by the Moelis Australia Ltd’s (ASX:MOE) Moelis Australia Government Infrastructure Fund and was founded by former JN solutions chief executive officer Rupert Taylor Price.archTIS is also working with attribute based access control provider Axiomatics, giving archTIS access to the financial sector, new data sets and new applications for its systems.Canberra based archTIS paid down all debt in the December 2018 financial quarter and reported in January 2019 that it expected a material decrease in its cash burn after it commercially launched the Kojensi Gov system debuted this week.The company had $5.4 million cash at the end of 2018 and expected to spend about $60,000 a month until yesterday’s commercial launch.archTIS has forecast $1.8 million of expenses for the March quarter of 2019 and is expected to file its next quarterly report by the end of April 2019.CEO Daniel Lai outlines system’s key points of difference”I am pleased to announce that with the launch of Kojensi Gov, we are on a clear pathway to scalable commercialisation across multiple industry sectors,” archTIS chief executive officer and executive director Daniel Lai reported yesterday.”The successful completion of beta activities with the Attorney General’s Department and successful completion of the IRAP assessment provides further important validation of Kojensi Gov as a strong platform for holding classified information up to the protected level.” Canada Goose sale.