Unfortunately, the polls still show that some people are still

We’re not impressed

canada goose black friday sale debt ceiling. The bill calls for up to $2.4 trillion in savings over the next decade while raising the nation’s $14.3 trillion debt ceiling. to narrowly avert default which may have had serious economic consequences. We had a huge surplus when he was president.” canada goose black friday sale

vj900 said, “Why now? Why did it take to the very last day before the two parties got some sense and found a way to work together after months of fighting, walking out of meetings, etc? This is why the American people don’t trust the Congress.”

CrunkSwaggaG said, “Nice to know that the burdens of this debt deal will fall solely on the middle class. God forbid we ask millionaires and billionaires to make a shared sacrifice. Thanks Republicans. I remember this next election.”

JDriver777 responded, “Who do you think supplied many of these reps and senators with campaign funds? ‘Millionaires and billionaires.’ there your answer.”

cheap canada goose outlet canada goose uk BinaryTruth said, “Republicans should worry about people like my Christian conservative aunt who is no longer voting Republican for the first time in her life because of this.” cheap canada goose uk

Canada Goose Coats On Sale oddjob3422 said, “Nothing was even suggested that really would hit ‘millionaires https://www.outletmoncler.de and billionaires,’ by anyone. It a good political buzz phrase; one that the President just loves, but why not actually attempt to tax those people?” Canada Goose Coats On Sale

dub1045 said, “If there was any indication canada goose outlet in winnipeg that increasing taxes on corporations would affect their profitability, the first thing they would do is to shed employees. Instead, with the profits the oil companies are enjoying, they are spending billions to ensure the continuation of profits and supply. That is great news. There should be no effort made to tax the wealth of people in this country.”

cnwilli said, “And God forbid we stop creating a larger burden by overspending.”

FauxNewz said, “Duh, 46 percent of Congress are millionaires, what did canada goose uk size chart you expect?”

Kim125 said, “How can any thinking human being who is not a billionaire, and a greedy uncaring one at that, be a Republican after viewing this incident? The Tea Party is dead, or it should be. He writes that Boehner should work to censure them and deny them GOP resources. And because the country needs a third party, he says tea partiers could split off and create their own.

Canada Goose Jackets What did readers think of his column? Commenters mainly think the GOP should canada goose outlet cut the tea party loose, while others said that would be a mistake. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose sale truerunner said, “A good piece of advice for the canada goose buy uk GOP to remember, ‘never hitch your wagon to a falling star.’ It is becoming more evident daily that people in this country are losing their patience with those who put their temper tantrums ahead of the nation. GOP has played with fire. These last weeks they did a poor job of hiding their burns. Canada Goose sale

But brain419 responded, “Losing patience? Are you kidding me? It the Tea Party that’s lost patience with incompetent politicians who have no idea of what fiscal responsibility is. Unfortunately, the polls still show that some people are still dazzled by the baggers. I just can figure it out. Once you’re born forget about their protections.”

HJCihak said, “Unfortunately, LZ, canada goose clearance uk you missed the point. The Republicans are kowtowing to the Tea Baggers because, without them, they won be a majority party, and being the majority party is more important than anything else.”

uk canada goose outlet leadbelly66 said, “Cut the Tea Party loose after the service they done for the country? Are you kidding me? I applaud them for forcing an issue that both traditional parties would rather ignore.” canada goose black friday 2019 RKen responded, “The Tea Party is the only one ignoring issues here. Did you notice the June job report was one of the lowest of the year? Did you read the article as to why? It was because government hiring was near non existent, and this will only get worse now that we’re cutting spending further.” uk canada goose outlet

JenniferUCD said, “Hello Teabaggers. Your time is limited. Scream and kick all you want, but even your Republican cousins want you out. You proved nothing with your arrogant and ignorant temper tantrums except that you are a bad for this country. Sure you changed the discussion in politics, but you have ultimately shown that the Tea Party mantra of ‘I got mine and I don give a crap about you’ is an all out disaster when it comes to running a country of 300 million people.”

canada goose coats JustTruth1 said, “I don agree with John McCain very often, but he hit the nail on the head referring to the actions of the Tea Party representatives as ANYBODY who would hold our economy hostage for an amendment to the Constitution that the American people have not given FULL consideration to is more than just Bizarro. It a traitorous act.” Guest responded, “It would have been even more awesome if, after saying that, McCain hadn promptly gone on Hannity and claimed to like and respect the Tea Party. Remember, this is the guy who gave us Sarah Palin. I love to think his ‘bizarro’ comment was sincere, but I just can be sure.” canada goose coats

JOSEMORALESS said, “What a hack. If the Tea Party wasn around both parties would keep spending, spending, spending The last time we got a balanced budget was when a Republican congress reigned in spending and grew the economy so without the TEA PARTY we wouldn be talking about fiscal responsibility.”

freedom522 said, “Time to investigate the funding for the Tea Party; extremism destroys the country. We should know that by now.”

uk canada goose avon13 said, “Just hearing the name Bachmann makes me cringe. canada goose parka uk Tea party supporters baffle me. notation responded, “They baffle me, too. But my reaction to those in power who use them to further an agenda is one of horror.” uk canada goose.