“We needed species that would be able to be identified by the

BRUMFIEL: Well, under the deal that was agreed to, there’s a 300 kilogram limit on low enriched uranium. That’s all Iran is allowed to have. And they said they’re going to start exceeding that limit within 10 days. Members of the public can take part by taking photos and submitting them to the GB Non Native Species Secretariat (NNSS) website.BBC Oxford spoke to Project Co ordinator Peter Brown and Dr Helen Roy of the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology in Oxfordshire to get the lowdown on the species native to Oxfordshire that we should be looking out for.”We needed species that would be able to be identified by the public,” Peter Brown explained.”Anything obscure wouldn’t be a candidate. It’s about the level of impact the species may have.”Helen Roy outlined the problem: “Because humans are moving around the globe at an increasing rate and frequency, the appearance of these species along with them is inevitable.”But we can be the eyes and ears of biodiversity and watch out and see what is arriving.””These species have all come into Britain because of people,” Peter Brown concurred.”We need to be more careful in terms of plants used in gardens, animals escaping from wildlife parks and things being deliberately introduced.”A lot more care is needed.”Things have improved a lot and we now know more about some of these species that perhaps 100 years ago there was no thought given to.”The majority of the new arrivals to Britain do not have a negative impact.”Many of them are really welcome additions,” said Helen Roy.”99% of all the new species that arrive in Britain aren’t going to cause any problems but it’s the rest that we want people to be really watching out for and reporting on to allow us to make decisions about them.”Muntjac Deer (Muntiacus reevesi)”The Muntjac Deer was an escape from Woburn Safari Park over 100 years ago.”The major problem that it causes is that it grazes quite prolifically on the low plant species, causing damage to the flowering plants that we like to see in our woodlands.”They also cause collisions on roads and that’s quite a concern.” HR”It’s suited to the climate here and has done extremely well and expanded its range very rapidly.”The main impact is on the ground flora and increasingly in gardens. canada goose outlet It’s causing people problems when eating flowers and fresh shoots.”The sheer numbers of them have got so big.

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