What a shock!!! What does this tell you North Carolinians and

There are numerous types of building constructed from earth. Cob is one of the oldest methods of this type of construction, involving the mixing of clay, sand and straw.The construction of buildings using the cob technique is different from other earth architecture, in that it does not require any wooden structure to form canada goose outlet the walls.It also uses a higher straw content which makes it easier to bond together while making it stronger.This has replaced the old method of tramping the mixture by bare feet, although this is still practiced by many self builders and while it is probably very good for the skin, I don’t think I would like the straw sticking to my toes.This is another article in the series on building from green natural resources, in which we will look at the method of constructing cob buildings.Please note that as with previous articles on earth buildings, this is only a basic description of the various practices used in construction of cob buildings and not a building instruction manual.We shall start then, with the components used in the cob mixture and go on to look at the building techniques involved.Materials Used in Building MixThe materials used in cob building mixture are listed below, along with the properties they bring to the mix:Clay this can be as high as 50% of the mixture, and acts as a fixative, bonding the rest of the components together.Sand the addition of 30% sand is filler and can help prevent cracks when drying out.Straw The straw is cut into longer strands than are normally used in earth buildings mixes. There is also a bigger percentage used as well, as much as 20%, giving inherent strength.Construction of the WallsUnlike some other forms of earth building construction methods, cob building does not require a frame to form the walls.The walls should, however, be supported on some type of foundation, which should encompass the area of the ground floor to aid the laying of the floor.

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