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Ida (2013): Directed by Pawe Pawlikowski of Poland, this is a stunningly shot black and white feature about a young woman named Anna who is set to take vows as a Catholic nun when she learns from her aunt that her family were Jewish and her parents were killed in the Holocaust. Her name, she told, wasn Anna but Ida. Her aunt doesn know any more about what happened to the family, so the two women go on a road trip, into the Polish countryside, to trace their roots, and Ida rediscovers herself, goes partying, finds love, and starts to ask herself what she really wants.

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Cheap Jerseys china Police said a nursing home under strict Michigan coronavirus lockdown measures was unaware of an attack on an elderly patient until a viral video surfaced on Twitter, which prompted a response from Donald Trump.The 75 year old man from the Westwood Rehabilitation Nursing Centre in Detroit is being treated in a local hospital after being repeatedly punched in the face by another patient, who appeared to film the attack in two clips posted to Twitter.The woman who first noticed the video and alerted police said that if the Detroit nursing home had been receiving visitors, action might have been taken sooner.Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has implemented some of the US’s strictest coronavirus lockdown measures, which forbid elderly nursing home patients from having family visit.”It absolutely shattered my heart. It just broke my heart how anyone could be capable of this kind of brutality,” Joann Uhler, told Detroit’s FOX 2, which reported the video was taken on 15 May.”Honestly I think if they were receiving visitors this would have been addressed a lot quicker than something like this having to evolve on Twitter.”Detroit police Chief James Craig said the nursing home was unaware of the attack until seeing the video, which currently has almost three million views on Twitter.”What our investigation has revealed so far was the nursing home was unaware of an assault until they saw the video,” Mr Craig said.”We’re still investigating that aspect of the case, but there is a suspect in custody.”Detroit police thanked the public for alerting it to the video, which has led to the arrest of a 20 year old man who was also a patient at the nursing home.”Thank you to everyone for your assistance in bringing the senior home incident to our attention,” the department said on Twitter.In a statement to, the law firm representing Westwood said that nursing home staff turned the alleged attacker in the video over to police on Thursday morning.”He is not a long term resident of Westwood, but he was recently admitted for recovery and rehabilitation purposes on a temporary stay,” attorney Saif Kasmikha, or Midwest Legal Partners, said in the statement.”Westwood has been cooperating with the police and will continue to do so.”Read moreJimmy Kimmel roasts Trump for falsely saying he was ‘man of the year’Barber who defied Michigan coronavirus shutdown can continue, says couMichigan threatens to sue companies if Trump fails to wear maskAs Trump slams Michigan over mail in voting, governor seeks flood helpTwo failed dams, flooding in Michigan were a known problemYahoo NewsBiden apologizes for telling radio host ain black if you are considering voting for TrumpFormer Vice President Joe Biden apologized for remarks he made Friday morning insinuating that a black radio host “ain black” if he had questions about voting for him. “I shouldn have been such a wise guy,” said Biden on a Friday afternoon call with black business owners Cheap Jerseys china.