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Other than that, 33 isn all that significant to Masons. The most significant number in Masonry is 3, the number of degrees in the core of the Masonic system. Making a 33 out of it would be defeating the point: it about the simplicity of the lessons of the degrees..

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Another fella I work with is a good long distance runner. We discussed different strategies for the week leading up. I rested more but didn change my diet. Made me wonder why I’d never considered “racecar driver” as a career option. Seriously. I’m already searching for another high performance driving opportunity on a famed racecourse.

It all culminates in this one moment of opening the package (which is wrapped up so tightly it’s more protected than the President) and feeling a tremendous endorphin rush when it looks amazing. It’s the same feeling as seeing your number hit on roulette or getting the card you need in poker. If it looks bad it probably feels like seeing the roulette ball drop a couple spots away from your number..

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