You become senator Why the flip?Sen

Mornings are devoted to prayer. Teens meet at the beach pavilion for breakfast and Bible study. Grammar school children gather at the Youth Ministry building for worship and games. Shop jewelry and apparel, get dolled up to enter the Miss Vixen Pin Up contest hosted by Award Winning Pin Up Model the lovely Ms. Laura Lynn, and stop by the booths for Inked, Tattoo Society, Urban Ink, and 247 Ink to show off your tattoos for a chance to be featured in the world renowned magazines!Completely open to the public and to all ages, it your chance to see artwork from local and international artists that spans over many mediums with The Artist Hanger and Fusion Project (in which much of the artwork exhibited will be FOR SALE) along with a charity auction for much of the art created by attending artists, and kids can enjoy getting their own temporary tattoos as well as tons of kid friendly entertainment including art seminars and FULL ACCESS to the the aviation museum itself!Anyone Can Display in the Artist Hanger. If Interested in Displaying Your Art, Please Contact: here or hereWith United Ink celebrating the arts in all mediums, live art showcases will feature the work of globally recognized artists including Dinotomic and Sean Yoro aka HULA creating large murals throughout the weekend along with tons of other fun interactive art projects!.

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