Q. Can I publish a review or survey paper in IJA-ERA ?

  • There are no restrictions on the type of paper to publish within IJA-ERA. Any contribution under the aims and scope of a IJA-ERA is eligible to published. Please visit Aim & Scope for details.

Q. How much will it cost to publish in IJA-ERA ?

  • No publication charges. IJA-ERA is publishing at FREE OF COST.

Q. How do I can join the IJA-ERA ?

Q. How long does the review process takes ?

  • The papers will be reviewed by two or more independent referees. The review result will be sent to you within 1-2 working days after submission confirmation. Please visit for Review Process further details.

Q. How do I know the current status of my paper ?

Q. How to submit paper in IJA-ERA ?

Q. How do I know whether my paper submission to IJA-ERA worked OK ?

  • You will receive a submission confirmation e-mail at the earliest.

Q. What type of file format do you accept ?

  • IJA-ERA accept Microsoft Word 2003 or higher format.

Q. Where can I find a sample template for submission of a paper in IJA-ERA ?

Q. How many pages are allowed in any paper to publish with IJA-ERA?

  • The paper should contain minimum 3 pages to maximum of 15 pages.

Q. How many papers can an author submit and what are the restrictions ?

  • An author can submit any number of different papers for publication consideration.
    For more information please feel free to write us at: editor@www.ijaera.org