IJA-ERA follow the simple and standard (Double Blind Peer Review) process in which neither the author nor the reviewer know to each other.

  1. Evaluation: Initially, Editor-in-Chief evaluate the submitted paper for plagiarism, aim and scope of IJA-ERA, readability etc.

  2. Referees: After evaluation, Editor-in-Chief sent the paper to the two expert reviewers.
  3. Review Reports:  After reviewing the paper, reviewers submits the reports to the Editor-in-Chief.
  4. Decision: Once the reviewers reports are received, the Editor-in-Chief notify the final decision to the author.

Note (1): If necessary, the number of expert reviewers may be increased by Editor-in-Chief.

Note (2): Experts reviews the paper for various factors like originality, innovation, applicability, technical merits, presentation of results and support of conclusions, referencing credibility and contribution to literature etc.

Note (3): Expert reviewers may accept or reject the paper as well as they might be suggest the major or minor revisions in the paper. The adopted review process is works in iterative manner.