Volume 1, Issue 1, May – 2015

Optimization of Thrust Force and Material Removal Rate in Turning EN-16 Steel Alloy using Taguchi Approach
Author: Vijay Kumar
Effect of Process Parameters on MRR for HCHCr in WEDM using RSM methodology
Authors: Pawan Bishnoi & Kartik Kaushal
Natural Fibers Polymeric Composites with Particulate Fillers – A review report
Authors: Rajendra Kumar, Tejeet Singh & Harwinder Singh
SOMANI’S Approximation Method (SAM): An Innovative Method for finding optimal Transportation Cost
Author: Chirag Somani
A Review on the Machining of Titanium Alloys using WEDM
Authors: Paras Prajesh & Paras Chawla
Production Scheduling in a Job Shop Environment with consideration of Transportation Time and Shortest Processing Time Dispatching Criterion
Authors: Pardeep Kumar & Mukesh Kumar

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