Volume 2, Issue 7, November – 2016

Fuzzy MPPT Control and Power Regulation for Standalone Photovoltaic Energy Conversion System

Authors: Zainab Almukhtar & Adel Merabet

An Analysis of Network Defensive Techniques Towards Organisational Security

Authors: Attlee M. Gamundani & Andreas Joseph

Physicochemical Study of Complex Systems

Authors: Aruna P. Maharolkar, P. W. Khirade & A. G. Murugkar

Dendritic Patterns Growth by Electro-Less Deposition Technique

Authors: W. A. Hydery, A.R Khan, G. Rabbani & Y. H. Shaikh

Case Study: DEAD TIME

Authors: Paras Oberoi, Himanshu Garg, Dr. Arvind Rehalia

Study of SHG emission of L- Histidine HCl-[ErNO3]5H2O crystals

Authors: E. Orrantia-Borunda, A. Carrasco-Hernández, A. Moreno-Peinado, A. Rivera-Gómez, J. E. Morales-Mendoza & A. Duarte-Moller

Importance and Scope of Control Systems

Authors: Mohit Singh Dhaka & Dr. Arvind Rehalia


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