Volume 2, Issue 2, June – 2016

Steganalysis of parity based Image Steganography Algorithm

Authors: Chiragkumar B. Patel, Dr. K.H. Wandra, Dr. Saurin Shah

Operations Research Method in Engineering Projects

Authors: Lee M.D., Shahidul, M.I., Houssein E., Abdullah Y. & Syed T. S. S.

Energy Efficient Offloading for Mobile Cloud Computing: A Review

Authors: Nikita Bhagat & Shashi Bhushan

Analytical Study of Integrated Value Chain Management in Mountain Regions of India

Authors: Achal Garg, M. V. Kishore, A. Jain & S. Chaudhary

Analysis of Cryptography and Pseudorandom Numbers

Author: Richa Agarwal

A Conceptual Water Demand Prediction Model

Authors: Lee M.D., Houssein M.A.E. & Shahidul, M.I.

Radiation Absorption and Aligned Magnetic Field Effects on Unsteady Convective Flow along a Vertical Porous Plate with Variable Temperature and Concentration
Authors: Dr. B. Seshaiah & Prof. S.V. K. Varma
A Risk Reduction Worth Index for Sensitivity Analysis of Motor Protection System Components
Authors: Dr. G. A. Ajenikoko, Dr. O. J. Ogunwuyi
A Study of Cost Comparison of Precast Concrete Vs Cast-In-Place Concrete
Authors: Vaishali Turai & Ashish Waghmare

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