Volume 4, Issue 1, May – 2018



Smart Container using IOT
Authors: M. Chugh, D. Sarkar, P. Rakheja, A. Kaur, C. Rana
Autonomous Surveillance Robot With Real Time Transmission
Authors: A. Khanna, A. Chauhan, S. Jain, P. Rakheja, A. Kaur
Latest Trends on the Application of Shape Memory Alloy Cables (Wire Ropes) in Structural Earthquake Engineering
Authors: Peyman Narjabadifam & Ali Saman Watandust
Internet Of Things [IOT] for Smart Systems & Applications
Authors: B. Sharma & N. Kumari
Wi-Fi Controlled Robotic Arm with Claw for Pick and Place Function
Authors: T. Arora, N. Iyer, H. Aggarwal & N. Kumari
Optimization of machining characteristics using CNC Lathe: A Critical review
Authors: M. Juneja, N. Juneja, A. Bhatia
Design of a Small-Scale Sugarcane Harvesting Machine
Authors: D. Mahajan, G. Kaushik, H, Padaliya, A. Bhatia

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This volume is dedicated to Late Sh. Ram Singh Phanden, father of Dr. Rakesh Kumar Phanden.