Volume 5, Issue 1, May – 2019



Design of a UART –to- Bell202 converter SoC by using Altera-Intel FPGA
Authors: Agostino Giorgio & Francesco Paris
Optimize Multiple Responses For Slide Milling Process Using Nanofluid By Taguchi Method Based on GRA Theory
Authors: Tuan Ngo Minh and Vihoang
Design and Manufacturing of Inspection Gauge
Authors: R. R. Hadbe, R. S. Narode, G. V. Siral & S. M. Deshmukh
Design, Modification and Comparative Study of a Solar Still to Enhance Its Efficiency by Using External Active Element
Authors: A .S. Bidwaik*, B. N. Pasi, S. B. Shaikh
Design of Coconut De-Husker, Cutter and Grater Machine
Authors: A. Bhatia, A. Arora, N. Arora & V. Manchanda
Design of Multipurpose Wood Working Machine
Authors: A. Bhatia, A. Jatwani, A. Nalwa

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